Sep Studio 4™

Spread and Trap Walkthrough

Screen printers have specific needs when it comes to art preparation so that the films produced will make easy and accurate work of print production. Sep Studio 4 offers valuable abilities to users that need to spread and trap.

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript

Hi! Today we’re going to take a look at a really great new feature all screen printers will appreciate.

It’s called spread.

Spreading separations is a great way to improve registration on any press. When colors overlap slight movements by press heads or garments are no longer and issue.

This easy to understand feature allows you to set one value to all active separations. It’s that simple.

First, we’ll start by opening the spread window here.

Here in the spread window you’ll see all your separations. You can turn these on and off individually as well as here.

You can also choose your spread amount for all or apply off if you need to do more customization.

For this lets apply to all.

We’ll make each spread for all separations a 0.30.

Click Accept.

Great, now you can see this gave a spread to all separations.

Lets go back.

Now we’ll apply all to off. We want a little more customization for each spread. So we’ll go ahead and change the dark green spot to 0.2 and we’ll add the teeth a 0.5.

Click Accept.

Great! Now, another neat feature, lets make a trap screen.

A trap screen is the final screen print that overlaps all over colors. Most screen printers think of a black screen as the trap but it can be any screen printed last that pulls a print together. It all depends on the design.

Lets go back to the spread window.

We’ll apply all to off.

Next, we just want our black screen to have the spread. We’ll keep this at a 0.30.

Click Accept.

Great! Now we see that just the black screen is spread and that’ll make our trap screen. Super Easy!

Now we’re ready to print. Great!

As you can see your separations will be listed here.

You can go ahead and change the style because this will have halftones.

And you can also change the print size by going here and scaling this back to 50%.

Separation Studio 4™ will automatically nest your separations.

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